In-Ground Storm Shelters

Our in-garage or underground shelters are an innovative approach toward providing storm safety. This product is an indoor, underground shelter which can be installed in an existing garage or covered outdoor concrete slab areas. Our in-garage or underground storm shelter has been tested by the Wind Science and Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech University, and has been found to exceed FEMA standards. Our storm shelters also carry engineer seals on all of our shelters.

In-Garage Shelter or Underground Shelter:

Large – 3’x 7’x 4’6″
Extra Large – 5’x 7’x 5′

Our storm shelters are manufactured with 10 gauge, ¼” plate steel. They are welded inside and out and dye penetrate leak tested. Our shelters are coated with coal tar epoxy and a magnesium anode is placed under each shelter to help prevent corrosion. We back fill around the shelter with 5” of ready mix concrete. Dust free installation can be done in your new or existing garage or carport in 4-6 hours. We include a 2 ton winch for emergency exit. Our shelters are GPS located and come with a lifetime warranty.